Holiday traveling means many take to the roads this weekend. But is your vehicle ready when snow hits?

Pepe's Auto Repair Co-Owner Mauricio Ipince says windshield wipers, tires with a good tread that can handle the snow, breaking systems, and coolant systems are just some of the parts that need to be checked. Salt can do some major damage to your car, so Pepe's recommends getting an undercoat to protect the bottom. 

And you don't want something as simple as a car battery to stop you from hitting the road.

"Fall is the perfect time to check your battery," said AAA Hudson Valley Traffic Safety Educator Michael Sweeney. "The summer heat does most of the damage to your battery, but in the winter, when you have a -5 degree day, you need 100 percent of your battery power just to get the car started."

Ipince says giving your car some TLC now can prevent paying for repairs down the road.