A violent altercation showing a Kingston Police officer putting a former Kingston resident in a chokehold is now going viral, two years after it happened. 

Video of the incident recently surfaced on Citizen's Action of the Hudson Valley's Facebook page. 

The video is a mix of police dash cam video and cell phone video. You see Fabian Marshall speaking with a police officer. The police officer tells him a couple times to get out of the street, and that he was being stopped because he'd been "involved in incident."

Things then escalate, and Marshall is eventually shocked with a Taser several times, and put into what appears to be a chokehold. You also hear one of the officers tell another officer to "take care of his phone" -- alluding to Marshall's phone, which was recording.

Marshall was later convicted of obstructing governmental administration. He has filed a complaint against the officers involved, which will be reviewed by the Kingston police commission later this week.

Kingston's police chief opted not to comment on Marshall's complaint, since he doesn't want to sway the decision of the commission. The complaint will be reviewed Wednesday.