NEWBURGH, N.Y. -- Its the second annual Vegan Festival and hundreds came out to celebrate Saturday. 

The event highlighted over 20 different vegan and vegetarian restaurants throughout the Hudson Valley.

The goal of the festival is to promote health awareness through eco-friendly vegan alternatives, while having fun. 

Organizers say they're happy to see Newburgh's community is becoming aware of Veganism.

"Our consumption of food is really hurting the environment," said Sammuel Simmons, event organizer. "So veganism not only is it a health aspect, but it's an environmental aspect. So I think more people are becoming conscious and as it becomes a more conscious thing and more people are aware, people want to show out. And not to mention the food is good"

Food wasn't the only thing agenda; there was live music, yoga and over 40 different vendors at the festival.