GLEN SPEY, N.Y. -- In the midst of this past Tuesday's blizzard, one man risked his own safety to help those in need in Sullivan County.

Tuesday’s blizzard left whiteout conditions and piles of snow around the New York state. But it wasn’t enough to stop John Pellegrino.

"Just put your mind to anything and you can do it," he said.   

Pellegrino trudged through the storm, walking 10 miles from his home in Pennsylvania to get to his job in Glen Spey, Sullivan County. He works at CRVI, a residential home for people with developmental and intellectual disabilities.

Resident Manager Tara Lambrou had to take a resident to the emergency room and between staff taking care of residents and getting the snow cleared; she knew more help was needed.

"Our particular house is an elderly population and they need us. They have medical conditions, medical needs that need to be taken care of," she said.  

"Once I read the text and I opened the blinds and I'd seen the snow that we had, I said, ‘man I have to get there,’" Pellegrino said.

Pellegrino’s car was snowed in so that’s when he made the three-hour trek in the storm. When he finally arrived he helped remove snow from the pathways in addition to helping take care of residents.

"I like being a part of their lives and helping them make a difference," he said.  

Pellegrino said if he had to do it all again, he would.

"He does it for the residents. It's his passion and it's not about anything else except the care of our guys," said Lambrou.