NEWBURGH, N.Y. -- With every swing of a hammer and buzz of a drill, Ignacio Acevedo is one step closer to fulfilling his dream of having a space to live and work.

"When they told me I got it, I was like, 'oh my God, it's coming true.' I can't step back; I gotta move forward," said Acevedo.

It's all thanks to Habitat for Humanity's Home Builders Blitz program, which aims to get homes built in just five days. It's part of the group's effort to help revitalize neighborhoods.

This week, the group, along with dozens of volunteers from throughout the Hudson Valley, are building a three story multi-purpose building in Newburgh.

"Drywall today and tomorrow," explained Builders Blitz committee chairman Andy Stahl. "Painting and floors Thursday. Friday, we'll be doing finishing touches, and then Saturday, we move the bus."

Acevedo, who's passionate about photography, says he had to put it aside for many years in order to support his family. Now, he has plans to open a photography studio and art gallery by next May.

"I was just talking to my neighbor, and he's an artist," Acevedo said. "He's never had a place to show his art. I welcome him. By the time I open, I told him I want to have eight pieces of his work."

Nearly 90 percent of the labor and materials needed for the project was donated by contractors and suppliers throughout the Hudson Valley. Mastercard also teamed up with Habitat and donated $100,000 to offset some of the $750,000 price tag.

"It still feels like my dream," said Acevedo. "It's hard to believe it's coming true."

Acevedo will get the keys to his new home Saturday.