KINGSTON, N.Y. -- For almost a year, Kingston High School has been undergoing a $137 million construction project.

"Super exciting for our students [and] our teachers,” said Kingston High School Principal Kirk Reinhardt. "It’s going to be a state of the art high school."

The project will include two new wings. Right now, steel is being raised for the east wing and the ground is being prepped for the west wing.

"There’s going to be multiple parallel classrooms, and there will be houses or cohorts in each wing," Reinhardt said. "So each wing can be self contained with its own AP offices [and] its own science labs."

The project will also include a new fitness center. But that part has come with some unforeseen costs. Reinhardt said extra rock had to be removed from where the fitness center's foundation will go.

That, he said, cost about an extra $278,000. But he said they’re not over budget.

"There's always a contingency amount that gives you the room for work that comes along [and] has to be done to keep the project moving," Reinhardt said.

He added most of the first phase of the project is expected to be complete in 2018.