NEW WINDSOR, N.Y. --- Ellsworth “Sparky” Wayman says what he really needs is a car.

"My car is in the junkyard; it's a total wreck," Wayman said.

Workers at East Coast Industrial Services gave the World War II veteran a surprise holiday gift, after one of them read a story on social media about a simple act of kindness.

"I saw it on Facebook, and somebody donated $100 to him to help him start up a fund to buy a vehicle because he had no money," said East Coast Industrial Services General Manager Jay Presutti.

About a week ago, Wayman crashed his car across the street from his home and ran into a pole and trailer. He says he’s thankful for the donations, as they will help him purchase a new car.

"I don’t care how old it is, long as it runs," Wayman said.

Presutti says he connects with Wayman's story because his own father was a World War II veteran. The team says it is honored to give back to someone who needs help.

"We're not looking for anything out of it," Presutti said. "We're just looking to do the right thing and help the right people out that really need it."

"There’s a lot of happiness that you're giving to somebody else," East Coast Industrial Services Vice President Laurie Presutti said, "knowing that they can’t afford it, so a lot of joy, you know, on our behalf that we're able to give back."

The East Coast Industrial Services team will also donate $500 to Toys for Tots, which will be matched by Toys-R-Us.