The 16th Woodstock Film Festival is wrapping up with screenings and panels. Sasha Gordon debuted her romantic comedy, "It Had to Be You."

"It's just very, very exciting. It's just amazing to see my movie with an audience in such beautiful venues, it's just thrilling," Gordon said. 

This year’s focus was on female directors through the festivals initiative 'Spotlight on women in Film andMedia'. The festival highlights 53 feature films -  25 of which were directed by females. It also featured 17 short films by female directors.

"This year it’s just been tremendous to see so many other filmmakers and I've seen panels and some wonderful films it’s just been really incredible to see," Gordon said.  

"I think it’s fantastic that there’s been such support of women directors. Mostly what I think the festival supports is great films and strong directors and diverse voices," said Director Holly Morris who showcased her documentary "The Babushkas of Chernobyl."

Gayle Kirschenbaum directed Look At Us Now, a film about her relationship with her mother.

"I think it's the masses, I think we want to be heard, it’s been way to long, I mean its decades that we've been silenced. We were working away but we haven't had a voice," Kirschenbaum said. 

These female filmmakers say women are coming into the spotlight they continue to break barriers in the industry. 

"There are so many women film communities now that are pushing to be heard," Kirschenbaum said. 

For those interested in finding out more information about the films shown at the festival, go to this website.