An animal rights activist turned herself in Tuesday to begin her jail time. But not before receiving strong support from dozens, including a Hollywood star, as she entered court. Time Warner Cable News reporter Jackson Wang has the story.

MONTICELLO, N.Y. -- As she left the Sullivan County Courthouse, Amber Canavan received a round of applause from fellow animal rights activists. 

“I know that what’s going to be happening to me is not going to be in vain, and that all these folks who are coming out to support me are also supporting the animals,” said Canavan. 

In 2011, Canavan stole ducks from the Hudson Valley Foie Gras. She says she was saving the ducks from what activists calls inhumane acts. 

Last month, she pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor criminal trespassing charge. 

“That’s the entire reason on why I did anything in the first place,” Canavan said.  

Prior to entering court to surrender, dozens showed up to support Canavan's actions, including actor James Cromwell. 

“They’re my heroes," Cromwell said. "I’m always impressed by the sacrifices people are willing to make to change the system.” 

Along with Canavan's actions, Cromwell hopes Tuesday's vigil will bring more attention to this issue of animal rights.

“This has to stop and the only way it’s going to stop is for everybody to make a stand,” Cromwell said. 

Canavan will be serving 45 days in jail. She says she doesn't regret stealing the ducks. 

“The real focus here is the animals that aren’t here with us right now,” Canavan said.