A national campaign by the Red Cross to help reduce the number of fire-related deaths. Time Warner Cable News reporter Briggette Sayegh has more on how they plan to do so.

LOCH SHELDRAKE, N.Y. -- On Saturday the American Red Cross was in Loch Sheldrake as part of a National Fire Safety Campaign. The group spent the day installing smoke and CO detectors in mobile homes throughout Foxcroft Village.

"It's such an easy thing. It's not expensive. You change the batteries twice a year, change the unit every 10 years. It's really a no brainer. It saves lives," said John Cascone, the disaster program manager for Red Cross.

This past March the community suffered a tragedy after a young girl was killed in a house fire.  The loss affected the village, and residents have vowed to do everything to prevent it from happening again.

"Residents here basically are crying out to the homeowners association and management to ensure that safety comes first," said Paula Frumkin, president of the Homeowner's Assocation.

The Red Cross aims to reduce the number of fire related deaths by 25 percent over the course of five years. They say having a working smoke alarm cuts the risk of death by fire in half.

"What you see the most is people pulling the batteries out because they're chirping, telling you it's time to change them. But really it's letting you know to take action and change that battery because it's going to save your life," said Cascone.

Boris Kapelyus says he's had the same, broken detectors in his home for more than 10 years. He's grateful for the service being provided by the Red Cross.

"Thanks Red Cross they come to us and install and we appreciate. They save our life," he said with a smile.