BUFFALO, N.Y. -- Ask anyone who's from Western New York about the waterways and they'll probably all say the same thing.

"We're very lucky to have these kinds of attractions here," said Paula Placek. 

From Lake Erie, to the Buffalo River and every drop of liquid in between, there are sights to see. While using motors or arm power are a hit, there's a new way to see the sights while on the water — by foot. 

Placek and her friends are peddling on Buffalo's newest attraction. 

"It was nice to just jump on board, sit and relax, listen to some music," she said.  

Brandon Bova is the owner and operator of Buffalo CycleBoats. 

"You know, what's better than being out on the water in Buffalo?" Bova asked. "So, why not incorporate, a peddle pub, a bar onto a boat and bring out onto the water?" 

Seems like a no-brainier and the idea, even though it's just the first season, has caught on. 

"Great feedback, they love it," Bova smiled. "A couple tours booked another tour while on the vessel. So, it's been spectacular." 

So who can hitch a ride on the 31-foot long catamaran? 

"Our boats are 21 plus, unless you're on a family friendly cruises where we have a parental guardian who can sign a waiver for our younger patrons on the boat," Bova said. 

Up to 15 people can captain the boat and they're encouraged to bring their own drinks and snacks.

"You actually get to see Buffalo from a different point of view," Bova said. "We can take up the Buffalo River to the silos, down to Canalside, out to the lighthouse tower in the Erie Basin Marina. Our tours are kind of unlimited." 

The sightseeing adventure lasts about two hours and dock at Buffalo Riverworks on Ganson Street. 

Tours run now through October 1. 

It's a great way to take in what the Queen City has to offer on dry land from a different point of view.