While the weather outside suggests we have put the tumultuous winter behind us, the same cannot be said for the real estate market.

"Winter season was tough throughout the country. We had some pretty extreme weather this year. What we're seeing right now throughout most parts of the country is lower inventory. So, we are seeing buyers come up but the inventory is low, historically below what it's been in past years," said Kevin Clancy, a real estate broker.

While the economy as a whole has rebounded well over the last few years, some of the impact of major failures still lingers.

"The economy is tough to gage. Interest rates are still at historic lows. We haven't had a rate increase since '06 or so. Rates are still below 4 percent on a 30 year mortgage, still affordable. But people are still a little bit indecisive about their job situations, so the economy certainly has had an impact," said Clancy.

Hope springs eternal though, and this year is no different.

"As sellers traditionally feel like spring is the best time to list their home. Spring market is always good with the warm weather throughout the country, always brings buyers out. So, we do see inventory increase. I think we're going to be relatively stable through the spring market," said Clancy.

Selling this spring? There should be plenty of buyers through your home to have a look, especially if you're on point with your price, your marketing, and the look of your home.

"You want it to show the best it possibly can. The lights are on, the shades are open. Just like when you have company coming over, you house shows a lot differently than it does during the week. You want to put it in the best light possible," said Clancy.

One thing to keep an eye on is the shifting market for baby boomers. As they retire and move to warmer climates, it will impact housing markets where they are moving to and from.