UTICA, N.Y. -- CNY Drones hosted the second annual Drone Informational Day at the Parkway Center Sunday.

There were indoor and outdoor demonstrations.

Some even tried their hand at flying a drone.

CNY Drones Founder Bob Payne said he wants to keep building excitement of STEM so young people can eventually find a job in the field locally.

"The goal for this event is to create an interest, a buzz, throughout the community, throughout the educational institutions, throughout the local companies that are involved in drones, to say, 'Hey let's start young, let's create activities that kids can learn and inspire to'," said Payne, the event's organizer.

A 30-by-60 foot netted drone competition arena was also on site.

CNY Drones will be working with community groups to develop teams who are up for the challenge in 2018.