Some say the media programs that Herkimer County Community College is cutting are what made the school stand out.

"Herkimer had such a great reputation for their radio and television curriculum. It was like their flagship courses," said "Genesee" Joe Trisolino, an alum and the 92.7 FM "The Drive" Program Director.

Herkimer College officials announced recently that three programs, Digital Filmmaking, Radio-Television Broadcasting, and Communication Arts: New Media, will be discontinued. They say it's because of low enrollment, high maintenance costs and sluggish graduation rates.

"Things evolve over time. It's a shame that for whatever reason the program can't evolve with it," said radio personality Shaun Andrews.

Graduates are hoping that maybe something will change.

"I just wish that they would maybe rethink it. If not this year, if that's too early, maybe down the road," said former New York Post reporter and alum Pat Bailey.

School officials say current students can either complete their degree by August 2019 or transfer to another major.