SYRACUSE, N.Y. -- The Marriott Syracuse Downtown, formerly the Hotel Syracuse, is prepping for a family and buffet-style Thanksgiving dinner in the Persian Terrace, and a sit-down meal at the Eleven Waters Restaurant.

The buffet includes everything from turkey bourbon glazed ham and braised short ribs to homemade cranberry relish and scalloped corn.

"People are getting stressed out with the start the holiday season. Why not start off on a good foot? Let's get out. Let's enjoy ourselves," said Tom Kiernan, Marriott Syracuse Downtown executive chef. "The stress is going to ratchet up over the next few weeks as it is. Let's start out with a nice easy meal and put a smile on your face. You can go home full, guarantee you're going to go home full."    

Around 500 people are expected for the traditional meal in a non-traditional setting.

The only seating still available at the Persian Terrace is at 12 p.m.