UTICA, N.Y. -- Libertarian gubernatorial candidate Larry Sharpe and his running mate Andrew Hollister paid a visit to Utica on Monday.

The pair spent Monday morning talking with people inside Character Coffee. They have strong opinions about the eminent domain process surrounding the city's proposed downtown hospital. They don't believe the government should take properties in the hospital's footprint through eminent domain for the Mohawk Valley Health System.

Some property owners have signed purchase agreements with Mohawk Valley Health System; others are either in negotiations or refusing to sell.

Sharpe knows his views are the opposite of many Utica politicians.

"Why would I care about upsetting people who want to steal someone's stuff? You want to steal someone's property and I'm concerned if I make you upset? I'm not, no," Sharpe said. "What you've noticed if you've watched my campaign, one thing I never do is pander. I do what I think is right."

Sharpe and Hollister will be in Utica again on Tuesday night, sponsoring the "What the Truck?" event on Leland Avenue.