ROME, N.Y. -- Three area forest rangers are being called heroes and recognized for their efforts.

The forest rangers were presented with state Liberty Medals at Rome City Hall on Thursday.

Ranger David Cornell quickly helped control the bleeding of a motorcycle crash victim in Vienna in 2016.

Ranger Luke Evans coordinated attempts to rescue a woman submerged in her kayak and pinned against a large boulder on the Moose River in 2016.

And Ranger Robert Piersma saved two people who capsized their canoe in the Chittning Pond, which was just above freezing temperatures, in 2017.

It's believed the acts of each of these men saved lives.

"I was just doing my job. I feel good that I saved two people's lives of course, but I would have done that whether I was a Ranger or not," said Piersma.

"I'm proud of all these individuals, and grateful that they have chosen public service and we're fortunate to have such talented people in public safety," said Senator Joseph Griffo (R).

Assemblyman Ken Blankenbush joined State Senator Joseph Griffo for the presentation.