Let the designs roll in!

The City of Oswego announced a mural competition to help beautify one of the area's historic sites.

Local leaders say the Fort Ontario Entryway Tunnel has been a symbol of blight for the historic complex.

They are calling on the community for help.

Residents can submit mural designs which will stretch across the east, west and overpass walls of the tunnel.

Ideas must include landmarks in the Fort Ontario Complex, tourism activities and pay tribute to the city's history. 

That's why city officials say it was important to get the community involved. 

"We felt that local Oswego residents understand history and understand some of the back story that goes with it, so we reached out to the local arts community to try and add in that local flavor and that local component so that we can make this tunnel the most appropriate entryway into this complex it can be," said William Barlow, (R) Oswego Mayor. 

This beautification project is one of three taking place in Oswego. 

Anyone interested can submit their entry to the City of Oswego Economic Development Office by June 1st.

A winner will be announced within a month.