Taking what's old and transforming it into something new can be a challenge, especially when it means trying to adjust a town's zoning law. 

"It's a big ask to throw out the zoning book," said Town of Salina Supervisor Mark Nicotra.

In hopes of making the old Le Moyne Manor into luxury apartments, Longley Jones Management is asking the Town of Salina to consider re-zoning.

"It is somewhat limiting in the way it's written, but our goal is to work with the town to do something creative," said Longley Jones Director of Development Scott Dumas.

The development company is proposing to build 90 units at the Old Liverpool Road site. The town's current code only allows for 45. To move forward, developers submitted an application to re-zone the site from commercial to multi-family. 

With a 50 percent increase in the amount of units built on one site, the town's zoning board would need to consider a variance. This, though, is outside of what's normally requested.

"Variances are for a couple extra units, a few extra parking spaces, something that needs adjustments to make a project go forward," said Nicotra.

Right now though, this project is only in its early stages, which means there's plenty of time to take all changes into consideration.