AUSTIN, Texas — In case you missed it, the next chapter of “Star Wars" is coming out this weekend and in true Alamo Drafthouse-style, the Austin-based theater is debuting an outer space-themed food and drink menu in honor of.

The menu will include “lava planet popcorn” with spicy sun-dried tomato powder, a jalapeno/wasabi/lime seasoning and butter.

Up next, “roasted Nerf strips,” which are actually chile-marinated and roasted beef skewers served with turmeric peanuts.

How about so "Twin Sun Hash" or "Scavenger Stew"? And as always with the special menu, a special milkshake, "Supreme Leader Shake." 

It’ll appear on die-cut BB-8 and BB-9E menus.

Last year's menu for Star Wars prequel “Rogue One" featured a tropical theme inspired by the Scarif planet at the end of the film.

“Star Wars: The Last Jedi” premieres in theaters on Friday, Dec. 15, though several Austin-area Alamo Drafthouses are hosting advanced premiere screenings on Thursday, Dec. 14 for the lucky few.


Courtesy/Alamo Drafthouse
Courtesy/Alamo Drafthouse