Before you take to the streets this winter, driving instructors say there's a few tips you should follow.

“Make sure that the car is brushed off completely,” said ABLE 2 Driving School Operations Manager Jason Rockwell. "You know, if you can't see, you can't react, so you've got to make sure all the windows are brushed off, all the lights, all that type of stuff, and make yourself more visible to the other drivers by having our lights on."

Rockwell recommends getting snow tires and making sure you have wiper fluid.

“All of a sudden, you're driving down the road; they got that new brine mixture that gets up on the windshield that's tough to clear off with your windshield wipers. You're going to need some windshield wiper fluid to get that off,” he said.

Rockwell added that if you're driving through poor conditions, don't be afraid to put your hazard lights on. Once you're on the roads, he says to travel slowly to get to your destination.

“That's the main thing; you know, we're not in the summer time anymore. It's going to take us longer to get where we need to go," he said. "And, it comes with really their attitude to change it from the summer driving to now the winter-type driving, so you know, when it comes to following, distance needs to increase."

Rockwell says in normal conditions, you should keep a following distance of at least three seconds, but he says in the snow and ice, you should triple that.