SYRACUSE, N.Y. -- More details have emerged about what happened the night a Florida soccer coach was caught with a missing teenager in Central New York.

The State Police investigator who tracked them down is now speaking out.

Investigator Todd Grant was assigned to search for Rian Rodriguez and Caitlyn Frisina from the Destiny USA area to the Oswego County border. Grant says he was lucky to spot a maroon car with Florida license plates.

The investigator says Rodriguez was dressed up following a job interview orientation, while Frisina looked very exhausted.

Grant says his goal was to get a job in the Syracuse area so he could buy fake documents to take Caitlyn to Canada. He adds that Rodriguez was quite aware of the national manhunt to find him.

"He not only saw it on the news, but he actually had stopped at various outlets where he was able to access the internet for free without law enforcement tracking him, so that he could track the status of the manhunt that was taking place,” said Grant.

Grant says Rodriguez also got rid of his phone, cut up credit cards and drove through areas he believed to be more covert.