Authorities are reminding community members to be aware of phone scams.

Recently, the Potsdam Police Department and Oneida County Sheriff's Office were receiving complaints of a National Grid scam.

Some were told if they didn't pay hundreds of dollars through MoneyPak Express Cards within the hour, their power would be shut off.

Authorities confirm those calls were not from National Grid. They're reminding people not to give out any personal information on the phone, hang up and call National Grid at their normal contact number.

"They'll ask you, 'Can you tell me who I'm speaking with?' Don't even give them your name because they could be recording that and playing it at a later time for a different type of scam. You never want to give out any information. They're calling you," said Oneida County Sheriff's Office Patrol Division Chief Deputy Jonathan Owens.

Anyone who believes they are a victim of a scam is asked to call law enforcement immediately.