WESTMORELAND, N.Y. -- Residents in an Oneida County community are at odds over who should pay the insurance for their town pool.

The town of Westmoreland and its Summer Activities Association discussed the issue at a council meeting, Monday.

Town officials say they've been paying it since the facility closed in 2014. And now they want the association to take over the payments, if they plan to restore the pool.

Group officials say this extra charge would only prevent them from reaching their goal of reopening it.

"So we've been working really hard the past two years and so to put this additional burden onto us is very difficult and really heartbreaking for us," said Westmoreland Summer Activities Association President Scott Tarkowski.

"We still pay $3,500 a year for something that's not being used by the community. We have to watch our budget. We don't have a town tax and don't want a town tax so we are trying to cut expenses where we can cut just like everybody else,” said Westmoreland Town Supervisor Kenneth Eisnor.

The Westmoreland Summer Activities Association says it still needs about $30,000 to reach their fundraising goal. And if they do, they expect to reopen the pool by the spring.