The program announced the historic change Wednesday and one Kansas girl could not be happier about it.

When you go to a den meeting, you'll see lots of boys, but Leia Pameticky is ready to change that.

"There's like all these cool badges and stuff and like you can earn the eagle if you do really good. And like I really want to do all that stuff," she said.

She wanted to join the scouts ever since she could remember. She said people told her it was possible since she was a girl.

Her dad encouraged her to join Girl Scouts, but the self-proclaimed "part tomboy" was more interested in keeping up with the boys.

"I don't know, I just kind of wanted to do what my dad was doing," she said.

Her dad, Tye, shares his old boy scout stories with his two daughters.

"When I had daughters I'm very excited. Everybody is happy when they have their kids, but I knew that that wasn't something I wasn't going to be able to share with them, but now it is, so it's pretty neat," Tye said.

When the Boy Scouts of America announced girls could join the Cub Scouts starting next year, Leia was thrilled.

"I was like, yes, finally," she said.

She can't wait to use a pocket knife, go fishing and use a compass. These are the activities she admits many girls her age aren't excited about.

“There is no boy and girl things. There is only people things,” she said.

Her father said there isn’t anything gender specific in the program. "It’s a program that helps develop character based in an outdoor sort of setting and that crosses gender lines, so I don't see an issue there at all," he added.

Leia dreams of all the adventures she can't wait to have with her pack next year.