The Onondaga County Health Department held a meeting Wednesday, updating the public with the latest information on the mumps outbreak at Syracuse University.

Since the last week of August, the department has diagnosed 13 cases of mumps. All of these cases are SU students.

The majority of those students are members of the lacrosse teams and have previously been fully vaccinated.

In addition to the confirmed cases, there are five cases considered "probable." This means that a person is showing symptoms of the virus and a blood test confirmed that he or she has been exposed. 

Usually, if a person is exposed, they are kept in isolation for 12 to 25 days. 

The county health department, along with the university and State Department of Health, says it is working closely to monitor the outbreak. 

In the meantime, students are encouraged to take preventative measures, and if you think you've been exposed, see a doctor.