This week, we asked likely Syracuse voters their pick for the city's next mayor. Now, the focus is on the issues most important to Syracuse voters. In our Spectrum News/ Research Institute poll, likely voters were asked about a wide range of topics. Those topics including the job done by police, the condition of infrastructure and quality of public schools. Iris St. Meran breaks down the numbers.

Despite a record 31 homicides in the city in 2016, 54 percent of likely voters in the poll rated the job done by police as excellent or good. Forty-two percent said police did a fair or poor job.

Of those voters, 61 percent of white voters think the police are doing a good job, while 58 percent of black voters rated them fair or poor.

Voters were also split on the city being on the right track. The majority said the city is heading in the wrong direction.

Just 19 percent said the quality of public schools was excellent or good, while 68 percent leaned toward fair or poor.

Only 14 percent gave the conditions of local infrastructure an excellent or good rating.

When it comes to the mayor's race, 63 percent said choosing the one most willing to make changes in the city mattered most.

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