HERKIMER, N.Y. -- It's been a few months since the Herkimer Police Department welcomed a new chief. Now under new leadership, the department is introducing a few new initiatives.

Michael Jory was hired in January. Since he started, the department has increased its social media presence by opening a Facebook account.

Jory says the officers are also increasing their presence in the community. Starting soon, they'll have a new bicycle patrol out on the streets. They're also working to create a community watch program, where village residents can openly express concerns.

"We're going to have an interest meeting at some point before we do form anything, that will be through social media, I'll advertise that and through the press, just to get some input from the village, from the people here that we serve," said Jory.

The Herkimer Police Department has also increased its presence within the school district. Jory hopes to some day hire a full-time resource officer.