What's old has become new again with the reopening of the former Hotel Syracuse. The staff is busy preparing for the first New Year's Eve celebration there in years. Iris St. Meran tells us what guests can expect.

SYRACUSE, N.Y. -- History will repeat itself at the Marriott Syracuse Downtown, formerly known as Hotel Syracuse.  

"We have different amenities throughout the hotel. We're going to start off with carriage rides in front of the hotel. The old traditional carriage rides. We'll have casino night. We'll also have photo booths; we have champagne butler-passed," said Marriott Syracuse Downtown General Manager Paul McNeil.

The kitchen staff is busy because they not only have a New Year's Eve to plan for, but a wedding as well.

"This is really what we do daily, but this one is special," said Executive Chef Thomas Kiernan.

To ensure New Year's Eve is special, there are about 20 people working in the kitchen, and cooking is expected to take about 16 hours. That look back in time will be reflected in the menu as well, which will feature a modern twist on some classic items like jerk meatballs, citrus-crusted salmon and a variety of desserts.

"We did a peaches flambe as one of our dessert items,” Kiernan explained. “We did the original Syracuse mousse, which is one of the recipes we found on the 1924 menus from Chef Schweitzer, who was the original chef here back when it opened."

The Grand Ballroom is one of three locations inside the Marriott Syracuse Downtown where guests will be ringing in the New Year. There are than 700 people expected.

Because this is the first major celebration here, details are important. The staff is making sure every I is dotted and T is crossed.

"We have been preparing and planning prior to the opening of the hotel," McNeil said.

When you're at the hotel, you'll notice the staff donning orange puzzle lapel pins. McNeil said that demonstrates their mission to give guests the best experience on New Year's Eve and beyond.

"We're all a piece of the puzzle, and every person in the hotel is an integral part in making this hotel successful," he said.

For those coming for the first time or returning to enjoy the nostalgia, the night will be one to remember. Tickets are still available for the three parties. Prices range from $150 to $599.