No matter where you go in downtown Syracuse this weekend, you're sure to stumble into something fun. That's all thanks to Syracuse Arts Week. As our Gabrielle Lucivero shows us, they're capping off a successful week of activities with a trio of fun festivals.

SYRACUSE, N.Y. -- There's jazz and wine in Clinton Square, Arts and Crafts in Columbus Circle and a tribute to Native American culture at EcoFest in Hanover Square.

"It seems like there's more every year. You turn the corner and there's another road filled with tents of different things,” said Chittenango resident, Michelle Romano. “It's just amazing bringing it all together in one place."

It's the end of ArtsWeek, the annual celebration of visual and performing arts in downtown Syracuse. Thousands of visitors are taking in all these local artists have to offer.

"Such a variety of entertainment, crafts and cultures coming together and it's all in a three block radius, so it's really nice to wander around,” said Manlius resident, Cheryl Scanlon.

"I like that it's all in one weekend, and its walk able and you're able to see everything all in one weekend,” said Romano. “It's really, on a nice day like this, it's perfect."

It's also perfect for downtown businesses.

"You can see there are a lot of restaurants mentioning they're open, there's people sitting outside and eating. I think it's brining a lot into downtown,” Romano said.

But of course, with so much to do, it doesn't hurt to have a game plan.

"Stop to hear the music, find something to eat, find something to drink and go shopping,” said Scanlon.

While the Jazz and Eco festivals wrap up Saturday, you can still check out the Arts and Crafts Festival in Columbus Circle, which runs until 5 p.m. on Sunday.