We have a new segment geared toward your curiosity. Have you been out and about and wondered, What's Up With That? Our Iris St. Meran wants to answer your questions. The first is about a piece of the Syracuse Skyline.

SYRACUSE, N.Y. -- When you arrive in Syracuse, the State Tower Building is hard to miss.

"The building was originally built in 1927, occupied in 1928. It was at the time the tallest building in all of upstate New York. It's still the tallest building in Syracuse," said Melissa Zell, Pioneer Companies president and chief operating officer.

Whether you're driving from a distance or walking up close, you'll notice there's ongoing construction.

"We are taking the tower portion and the 9th and 10th floor and converting those to 51 apartment units which will be available about a year from now,” Zell explained. “We're doing a complete masonry restoration top down to fix various states of disrepair."

All of the original windows and eventually, all of the mechanical systems will get replaced.

Pioneer Companies bought the office building in March. Zell said it was at about 45 percent occupancy. When construction is complete, it will be both residential and commercial.

The $30 million restoration project is quite the undertaking for construction crews. Their biggest challenge is access for the masons.

"What you see right now on portions of the building are this powered scaffolding, they're called mass climbers. That basically is like a giant elevator and it allows the masons to jump on down at the ground level and go all the way up to the 21st floor," said Zell.

Apartments are expected to be complete by this time next year and the masonry work should be completed by the end of next year.

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