ONONDAGA COUNTY, N.Y. -- Local musicians and community members were enjoying the night on the Onondaga creek walk.

A new event called the Overpass Fest had its second event on Wednesday night.

Performers were stationed along the trail, playing music for the crowd. The idea started last week and the crowd has tripled in numbers.

Organizers said the creek walk is underutilized, so they hope music will bring more people there.

"It's like a real live Pandora, if you don't like Southern rock you keep walking 10 feet and then you have Classical, then you walk another 10 feet and you have folk music. It's completely up to the people that attend what they want to listen to, while supporting local musicians,” said Kali Wallenbeck, co-event planner.

They hope to build up the festival and eventually include other types of artists.

The event is expected to continue on Wednesday nights.