It's become a polarizing issue. 

"We have a situation where many people are questioning why are we bringing these outsiders here and aren’t they dangerous to our country," said Interfaith Works CEO and president Beth Broadway.

In fact, Broadway says that couldn't be further from the truth. 

"Refugees are the most screened people on the planet," Broadway said. "They come here after many many checkpoints."

Over the years the number of refugees allowed into the country has fluctuated.In 1980, more than 200,000 people were allowed in.  

Since then, that number has decreased. Just this year, 85,000 will be admitted. Come 2017, that number will increase again to 100,000.

"As soon as we have the opportunity to up that, we'll welcome because America has always welcomed bringing more people in in these kinds of circumstances," explained US Secretary of State John Kerry. 

However, in the wake of terror attacks like we've seen in Paris and San Bernardino, some are questioning whether refugees from certain areas such as Syria should be allowed in. Others though are touting the benefits  

"So I see a community that if we are still as supportive, we can benefit from new people moving here and setting up new lives. And calling Syracuse home like I do."Olive Sephum, Interfaith Works Director of Center for New Americans

And, with new conflicts always on the horizon worldwide, officials expect refugees to continue searching for a new home.