SCRIBA N.Y-- Exelon corporation says they'll need $55 million into order to keep Nine Mile nuclear plant operating. 

Oswego resident Susan Gardner knows many parents who work there.

"They've been there for several years and they make really good money. They would have to move," she said. "They wouldn't have any other option."

Tuesday the plant owner notified the state public service commission that it will not refuel the plant next year if clean energy subsidies aren't in place by this September. Exelon officials say those subsidies are necessary in order to stop the the plant from losing money. 

"The state really has to step in at this point cause this community does pay its taxes and it does put in its fair share to the state so I mean there's going to be a lot of handling and redirection that's going to happen not only in Oswego, but along the state lines as well," explained Oswego Resident Stephanie Wideman

This news though didn't come as a shock for many who live in the community. Nearby Fitzpatrick owned by enertgy corporation is set to shut down early next year.  

"There's a lot of people aren't going to have a job," said Fulton native Veronica Loomis.

If the plant does close, residents say the effects on local jobs and the economy will be devastating.

"If you're looking at a community that really relies on SUNY Oswego and plants, losing these plants will have a really detrimental effect," said Wideman.

"I think everybody would leave. I mean I think it would be like a desert here,"Gardner added. 

Exelon officials said in a statement Wednesday they would maintain as much transparency as possible throughout this process. 

However, they made it clear that money will need to be in place by this fall to give the company time to order fuel and plan the refueling operation. 

Governor Cuomo's Clean Energy Standard Act, requires 50 percent of New York's electricity to come from clean energy sources by the year 2030.

The CES, as it is known, is still a work in progress, with the comment period recently being extended.

Exelon Corporation, which owns Nine Mile 1, says it needs the CES in place by the end of September, when the plant is scheduled to refuel. Without that, and the guarantee of credits from the state it says it will not invest the $55 million it takes to refuel Nine Mile 1.