SYRACUSE, N.Y. -- Members of the Oromo community, which is the largest ethnic group in Ethiopia, protested Friday in Syracuse to raise awareness in Central New York toward the situation in the African country.

Protesters say the Oromos are being displaced by Ethiopia's minority-led dictatorship, and the United States government is supporting the Ethiopian government. Protesters claim the Ethiopian government is taking Oromo land for the capitol.

"It's not like they're letting them or moving them to a stable place or even giving them a place to stay. It's either you leave or you get killed, so when the Oromo people are saying this is our ancestor's land and we're not going to leave, the Ethiopian government is opening fire and killing all of the Oromo children out there," said Habiba Brou, Oromo Community of Syracuse.

Protesters said they're hoping the exposure will cause the U.S. government to act. They say they have already been to the White House and the United Nations.