Crews are working around the clock to get the former Hotel Syracuse restored. Hotel management said the mild winter made work move ahead of schedule. Time Warner Cable News was given a tour of the most recent renovations of the Marriott Syracuse Downtown. Iris St. Meran has more.

SYRACUSE, N.Y. -- From the outside, it may appear like there's not a whole lot going on at the former Hotel Syracuse. But inside, it’s the restoration of all restorations on what will be the Marriott Syracuse Downtown.

"It's going very well. We're actually a little ahead of schedule in some areas. The weather was kind to us this early winter and hopefully it'll keep up," said Ed Riley, Marriott Syracuse Downtown owner.

When finished, it will have a modern feel but also those who are familiar with the hotel will notice pieces of the past. Crews are working to bring life to things that have deteriorated with time.

"Out in the lobby, for instance, you'll see the amazing work of our plasterers that recasting a lot of the pieces of plaster that had been broken or missing or damaged over the years. Those are coming out, being restored, put back in place," said Riley.

You'll also want to watch your step as much effort on original material is coming from the ground up.

"The Terrazzo floors that have been covered with carpet or other flooring like tile, ceramic tile those floors are being refinished and coming back. The wood floors in the Persian Terrace, the dance floor is being exposed again and that will be refinished," said Riley.

"Our artist-in-residence Katrina is replicating the paintings that are up in the coffers of the ceiling in the lobby area. We discovered a lot of these after we removed layers of paint there. She does a tracing of that and actually paints it full scale here," said Riley.

It is then digitized and printed on canvas which will stay part of the building, replicating the original work. That has been the story of the whole restoration project bringing some of the old into the new.

The Hotel is scheduled to be open this summer.