A village seal has been a hot topic of controversy recently. Some say it shows the founder of Whitesboro choking a Native American. Others say they're engaging in a historic friendly wrestling match. Residents voted for their favorite seal out of eight, Monday night. In the end, the original was overwhelmingly selected as the favorite. Melissa Krull spoke with both those who love, and those who hate the seal.

WHITESBORO, N.Y. -- The image on the seal of the village of Whitesboro is supposed to be a scene from its beginning.

"What it depicts is our founder, Hugh White, wrestling in a friendly wrestling match with a Native American," said Whitesboro Mayor Patrick O'Connor.

But some say there's nothing 'friendly' about it.

"I can speak from someone who moved to the area and saw it for the first time, and it was comical how inappropriate it was," said resident Jennifer Recht. "Except that it was too sad to be comical."

"I like the seal that we have. The two young men are playing, just having a good time. You know, to me, to me there should be nothing offensive about it," said resident Marilyn Mahanna.

Residents came out Monday night to choose a favorite out of eight-designs for Whitesboro's seal.

"It's not something that's been on my agenda. You know, certainly every concern that is brought to us as a government is taken seriously. So, we just decided that we're gonna address this once and for all, and find out which way we're gonna go with it," O'Connor said.

In total, 212 people ended up voting, and one of the images was designed by resident Elizabeth Brigham.

"I chose it because I think it represents tranquility, peace, and safety," said Brigham. "And it also represents the beautiful area that we live in."

But in the end, her design was the runner-up. Of the 212, 157 ended up voting for the original seal. Whitesboro's mayor says that the board will discuss the results at the next meeting and decide how to move forward.