ROME, N.Y. -- A new app is making life a bit better for residents at the Grand Rehabilitation and Nursing Home in Rome. 

On Thursday, facility leaders unveiled their new app, which allows guests to order food, housekeeping, stay updated on events and connect with other residents and staff, all from the comfort of their own rooms. 

The Grand will be providing iPads to all residents who request them along with access to Netflix and WiFi.

"We've really looked a lot at the other hospitality industries, we've kind of looked away from the healthcare industry which a lot of skilled nursing facilities were based on hospital models in the past and we really want to provide the healthcare but really model the experience after the hotel and service industry," said Bruce Gendron, an admistrator at the nursing home.

Residents who live far from family are also able to utilize FaceTime, giving them the opportunity to connect with their loved ones on a regular basis. Facility leaders said this access to the outside world is already boosting the residents' spirits.