Most people at one point in time have struggled to lose weight. It often starts as a New Year's resolution. But, for Ronnie Brower, weighing 675 pounds was a matter of life or death. Iris St. Meran has his story.

EAST SYRACUSE, N.Y. -- Two years ago Ronnie Brower's lifestyle had him on a downward spiral.

"Doctor told me I'd be dead by 30," said Brower in February 2014.

It was a reality check he needed. A friend introduced him to personal trainers Nick Murphy and Jill Rupert. And he went to work in the gym with a goal of losing 425 pounds.

"The first couple weeks were tough, but once I stepped on the scale and lost 30 pounds in two, I'm like I got this," said Brower.

He stuck to their diet plan and worked out three hours a day, six days a week. He maintained this routine for 23 months. On April 11, he celebrated his 30th birthday. On May 2, he reached his goal weight of 250 pounds.

Brower said there are a lot of things he can do now that he couldn't do before.

"Basically, be a member of society, just live everyday life like normal. I got a girlfriend now. I'm going to have skin surgery soon. Then I can start working again," Brower said.

He wants to be a personal trainer and help others like him.

"I am very proud of him. Words can't really express. I'm finding it hard to articulate the fact that he's lost 425 pounds. It's kind of a surreal moment," said Murphy.

And if you're trying to lose any amount of weight, you can be just as successful. Rupert said it's mostly mental.

"He couldn't even leave his house. He didn't use it as an excuse to say, well I can't lose weight. He focused on what he could do and he did that 110%," said Rupert.

"They didn't just show me how to lose the weight. They showed me how to be a better person mentally, physically and spiritually," said Brower.

Before losing 425 pounds Ronnie Brower used to wear a size 10XL in shorts. He's now dropped down to a 2XL and is happy to be able to shop at any store.

"I love going shopping now. I'm like a shopaholic," Brower said.

And there's more for him to look forward to including: golfing and a Taylor Swift concert next month.

"She's my favorite singer. I can walk in the arena now with no problem and sit in the chairs," said Brower.

Because of his determination, he's not only alive at 30 he is now living the life that was meant for him.

He plans to have skin removal surgery this summer and he would like to donate his excess skin to a burn unit. He documented his entire weight loss journey on his Facebook page, "600 pounds to Success"