DRYDEN, N.Y. -- Questions at a Town of Dryden board meeting Thursday night focused on a proposed pipeline expansion stretching the roughly 7 miles from Freeville to Lansing that would see the 10-inch thick pipe carry approximately 700,000 cubic feet of natural gas per hour.

NYSEG spokesperson Clay Ellis said there is a need for the pipe because gas in Ithaca is already constrained.

"We're talking about a simple extension of a distribution main, similar to what you'd have in any town or village that we serve," Ellis said.

The pipeline will also aid growth in Dryden and Lansing, Ellis contended. However, about 95 homeowners stand in the way of the pipe's path.

Dozens of residents are angry over easement agreements offered by NYSEG. Some say the language in the agreement is extremely vague, or simple doesn't protect their rights as property owners.

Many are worried about what a pipeline would mean for their property and potential safety risks. NYSEG has procured some easement agreements, but was not allowed to comment on how many. The company said developing a standard easement agreement is not an option.

There's a possibility NYSEG could invoke eminent domain, which would secure property, but representatives say they don't believe it will come to that.