ORCHARD PARK — As Bills quarterback Tyrod Taylor was carted off the field during the Patriots game, he thought the worst.

"I didn't know what was going on," Taylor said. "I knew it hurt like crazy, hurt like crazy the first time it happened, but for it to happen two times, I didn't understand what was going on."

Taylor dodged a bullet with just a knee bruise. While it kept him out last weekend, a full participation in practice Wednesday pointing in the direction of a return against the Dolphins.

"At this point, pain tolerance," Taylor said. "It feels good today and I expect it to keep getting better. Since this happened, I haven't had any setbacks with it, fortunately. Got to keep doing the things I'm doing. The training staff has a great program, great plan for me and just continue to trust them and the Lord that I'll be out there playing."

McDermott won't pin all the offenses issues on the passing game. A move he made just a month ago seemed to show that he thought Taylor was part of the problem. Now with three games left in the regular season, number five looks to be the solution during the Bills playoff push.

"There's always something to prove to myself and to others," Taylor said. "Every time you get a chance to wake up in the morning you have to be grateful for the opportunity to do so. So continue to keep preparing mentally and physically to go out there and do the things that I do."

Bills fans haven't seen many big wins in December during the 17-year playoff drought, but they're hoping for one this weekend. Sunday's home finale against the Dolphins is practically a must-win if the Bills want to reach the postseason.