SCHENECTADY, N.Y. -- Tuesday was a tough travel day, but those in Schenectady are embracing it.

The city picked Tuesday to roll out their nine-month project with local company Transfinder. They're calling it a "baptism by fire."

“Today on one screen you're able to see where the snow plows are and on the other screen you can see actual camera footage coming from different locations in the city,” said Mayor Gary McCarthy.

The city is using the program along with more than 200 city cameras. Transfinder is connected to 70 city vehicles, tracking their position every ten seconds.

“The line, it represents a two hour window, so it's a trail,” says Antonio Civitella, the Transfinder CEO. “As things move, the trail just keeps moving along with it.”

The program is in its early stages, but will eventually be available to residents. The goal is to help people get a better idea of what the roads look like.

“The public will be able to just independently verify some of the activities that are occurring in the city, whether, today it's snow plows, it could be garbage trucks, it could be other municipal vehicles,” says McCarthy.

They haven’t decided when to roll out the program to the public, but say it will be sometime soon.