A presidential inauguration calls for a celebration, at least if your candidate won the White House, but even some of those who threw on their party clothes for the New York State Society Ball are approaching Friday's transfer of power with mixed feelings. NY1's Grace Rauh filed the following report.

This is not your normal inauguration.

"I'm very festive," said one attendee of the New York State Society Ball. "It'll be a good transition, and hoping for the best."

"Hoping for the best" is a sentiment expressed by several attendees at the New York State Society ball on the eve of Donald Trump's inauguration. 

"It's a really interesting time to be alive and a New Yorker," said Kyle Kimball, former president of the Economic Development Corporation. "We are looking at a peaceful transfer of power, which is an amazing part of democracy."

Andrea Thau, the president of the American Optometric Association, is keeping close tabs on Trump's plans to repeal and replace Obamacare.

"We are concerned about ensuring there is appropriate access to health care for all Americans, and we are hoping they willl make changes that are appropriate," Thau said.

But for other partygoers, like upstate Rep. Chris Collins, the first member of Congress to endorse Trump, it is an exciting time.

"It's like Christmas Eve. Tomorrow is Christmas Day. We can't wait to go downstairs," Collins said. "The inauguration tomorrow is really going to be the beginning of the change in this country."

But plenty of Americans, and New Yorkers in particular, are greeting Trump's White House move with trepidation. 

"He is talking specifically about the economy, about creating jobs, about securing our borders, about doing what is right for this nation and our citizens, and I think that they need to give him a chance," said Assemblywoman Nicole Malliotakis, whose district covers parts of Brooklyn and Staten Island.

NY1 asked former Governor George Pataki if Trump should have done more to unify the country.

"I don't think there's much more he could have done," he said.

Those on the ball circuit say they may not make it to the inauguration ceremony in person. Many people told us they plan to watch Trump's swearing in on TV.