A Fulton County corrections officer is charged with making a terroristic threat against the facility where he works.

According to the Fulton County Sheriff's Office, corrections sergeant Eric Sweet made remarks on November 10, saying he wanted to lock down the facility and shoot coworkers and inmates.

Sheriff Richard Giardino says the department is taking the threats seriously.

“I mean, between Las Vegas, Orlando, Dallas, you have all this stuff going on and frankly, it’s an idiotic statement to make,” says Giardino.

They say Sweet said he wanted to get a secure weapon, shoot the control room officer, lock down the facility and then shoot the lieutenant.

The sheriff's office says Sweet admitted to making these statements, but said they were a joke and he was venting.

Giardino calls Sweet a disgruntled employee, adding that he has expressed displeasure with the direction of the facility.

Sweet was sent to Fulton Correctional Facility after arraignment, but soon bonded out. He has been placed on administrative leave.