SYRACUSE, N.Y. — It's been 43 years since State Trooper Emerson Dillon was shot and killed during a traffic stop in Central New York. The Police Benevolent Association has fought every inch of the way to keep his killer, John Ruzas, behind bars. 

Ruzas had recently been rejected for parole twice, but a judge ordered the board to hear his case a third time, where he was granted parole.

Not only is the PBA upset by the decision, but also by the way it was handled.

They say the judge censured Parole Board members who denied Ruzas earlier this year. Then the judge banned the next Parole Board commissioners from considering letters of opposition, written by fellow troopers. 

The association says Ruzas has shown no remorse and that there's no way to predict what he'll do when he's let out. 

Ruzas could be released as early as December 18. 

Meantime, the PBA says they are looking into legal options and that their fight for their fellow trooper isn't over.