GLOVERSVILLE, N.Y. -- City police officer Malinda Palmer was on patrol in the early morning hours of October 20 when she noticed a Grand Street home up in flames.

With the fire spreading quickly, Palmer jumped into action. One man made it out of the downstairs apartment and was escorted away from the fire.

"Just how quick that house went up ... I mean, it was within seconds," Palmer said.

"I'm sure he was just absolutely terrified; his mother was inside still, and that's when Sergeant Brown and Officer Christman came into play," said Ronald Reu, another Gloversville police officer on scene.

Without hesitation, Sergeant Robert Brown and Officer William Christman went to rescue the second resident still inside the downstairs apartment.

"I knew he was going to go in when we were heading down the back of the house," Brown said. "I knew he would go right in so I didn't want to lose him."

"I couldn't see anything, so I kept just yelling for her," Christman said. "I was able to find one of her legs, and as soon as I felt her legs, I stood up and grabbed a hold of her and escorted her out the door, where I was met by Sergeant Brown."

Brown then carried the woman out of the home. The Gloversville Fire Department's second battalion arrived shortly after and got the two remaining people trapped upstairs out of the apartment. Four people were recused by first responders that morning.

On Tuesday night, all first responders on scene that morning were honored during a ceremony at city hall. That included the ambulance service of Fulton County, two Johnstown firefighters, members of the Gloversville fire department, and those four police officers.

"It's just a nice story. It's a nice story and a good happy ending," Palmer said.

All four officers received the police department's life saving award. Two of them also received the department's Medal of Honor. While many are calling them heroes, they say they were just doing their job that morning.

"We all didn't do anything that nobody else here at the Gloversville Police Department wouldn't have done," Christman said. "It was just our crew that was on that night."