Cohoes Mayor Shawn Morse denies any physical contact during an incident at his home that prompted a police response on Friday morning, in a phone interview with Terry Stackhouse.

Mayor Morse posted a lengthy explanation of the incident on Facebook.

The Times Union reported that information from a police report shows his wife told an emergency dispatcher her husband choked her and threw her to the ground. But, according to the TU, police later said that report was discounted.

Mayor Morse says it stemmed from a disagreement with his wife concerning one of their children.

In a Facebook post, Morse says he would never hurt his wife or children in any way. He disputed the Times Union report saying:

“To think a newspaper would use my family’s most difficult times to make a story about me and my family is just horrible.”

Morse says during the argument his wife asked him to leave the home -- and he refused because he wanted to keep talking.  He says he left his home to get coffee -- and when he returned police were there.

Morse denies there was any physical contact between him and his wife.

The mayor ended the post by saying if residents believe he is unfit to be mayor, he will resign.