ALBANY, N.Y. -- The allegations against Harvey Weinstein have resulted in a massive social media campaign around #MeToo.

Women are being encouraged to share if they have been victims of unwanted advances or sexual assault by simply using the hashtag on social media.

Some women have gone further and shared stories of how they were victims. Experts say it is normal for more victims to come forward after high profile cases.

"I think sometimes there's an initial surge for people who might realize that has happened to me, ‘oh maybe that was sexual assault.’ A lot of the times people don't even define what happened to them as sexual assault. I think there's such pervasive sexual assault, in our society It’s not the norm, it shouldn’t' be the norm," said Crime Victims and Sexual Violence Center Director Karen Ziegler.

The campaign has also attracted a lot of internet trolls who have attacked the victims on social media.

The Crime Victim Center in Albany maintains a hotline for victims to call.