ALBANY, N.Y. -- Members of the LGBTQ community and supporters in the Capital Region are calling for change at the area's Pride Center.

A group of demonstrators gathered Saturday afternoon at Dana Park in Albany to call for new leadership at the center.

They say they have become concerned about the direction the Capital Region Pride Center is headed, specifically mentioning dwindling staff and programs. They say the center has also alienated members of their community.

It's a problem the Pride Center says it would like to solve.

"We are here to really show our love for the center and to show we are here to put the time, energy, and love into everything we want it to be," said demonstrator Alyssa Hackett.

"We as an organization have the responsibility to hear them, to hear what their concerns are, to validate that as members of our community, and to look for ways that we as an organization can respond to them," said Joseph Kerwin, Capital Region Pride Center president..

Kerwin said they are taking strides to solve the issues by meeting with members of the community, which he plans to continue doing.