There was a mix of reactions to the Cairo Durham School District’s decision to close school early Tuesday, all because of the heat. 

Superintendent Anthony Taibi said the decision was not an easy one. 

"They’re not their usual chipper selves," Taibi said of the students. "We want them to enjoy school. We want them to be happy while they’re here, and they can’t do that when it’s so uncomfortable."

Those who have been inside the building agree that the temperatures aren’t the easiest to deal with.

"They were real muggy, real sweaty, muggy," said Samantha Hennig, parent of two students. "We were there for [a] parent teacher conference, and it was real hot."

"You have no clue," fourth grader Lewek Reynolds said.

But thanks to data collected Monday, the district says it does, which is what led to the decision to dismiss school at 12:45. Taibi says classroom temperatures reached well into the high 80s.

The building is the only one in the district that does not have air conditioning. Taibi says the district is looking into it as a future capital project.